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Better Testing with Crowdmark: Using Open-Ended Questions in Large Courses

Alfonso Gracia-Saz, an instructor who teaches a 1,000 student calculus course at the University of Toronto, explains how Crowdmark allows for testing of higher level learning.

“When doing a mega course like this one and designing the tests, there’s always the concern of ‘Am I going to be able to grade this question?’ and 'How long is it going to take me?’ There is a type of question that measures some high-level skills that are more creative and open ended, which, by themselves, are going to be very time-consuming to mark. But in addition, they will benefit from being marked in a way, like with Crowdmark, that allows to flag some papers and grade them and mark some of them first and coming back to the others, without having to do all of this physically with papers.”

Instructors of large courses often resort to using multiple choice questions on tests to cut down on marking time and paper handling. With Crowdmark, Gracia-Saz explains that he can choose more creative, fair, and open-ended questions for his large tests.

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