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Crowdmark Named “Most Innovative” at SIIA Conference

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA (May 21, 2014) The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) showcased some of the newest and most innovative products in the education technology market, and recognized the best among them as part of the Innovation Incubator program. The 13th annual Education Industry Summit, the leading conference for the K-12 and postsecondary education technology market, was held May 12-14 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

From their blog:

Crowdmark was named Most Innovative among more than 50 applicants, who were assessed for the Innovation Incubator program on a broad range of criteria. They were judged by both industry leaders and educators in classrooms around the country. Ten participants and one alternate were selected as finalists for the program and the winners were judged by the ed tech leaders at the Ed Industry Summit.

“Crowdmark is very pleased to have been chosen as Most Innovative by the attendees at the SIIA Education Industry Summit. It’s great validation that a San Francisco audience at SIIA sees that online collaborative grading will transform education ” said CEO James Colliander.

Crowdmark, a UTEST graduate, is an online grading platform that enables educators to evaluate assessments more effectively than ever before. It was created by James Colliander, a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto, in response to the “logistical nightmare” of grading over 5,000 mathematics exams with a team of 100 graders. Crowdmark enables educators to grade a variety of assessment types, including handwritten assessments, securely in a web browser. On average, this cuts teacher grading time by 50% and assessments can be returned to students, with rich feedback, within hours. This significantly improves the student feedback loop and provides an opportunity to enrich the learning experience through analytics.

Crowdmark’s presentation at SIIA:

About Crowdmark

Crowdmark is the world’s premiere online grading and analytics platform, allowing educators to evaluate student assessments more effectively and securely than ever before. On average, educators experience up to a 75% productivity gain, providing students with prompt and formative feedback. This significantly enriches the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.