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New feature: Comment library

Screenshot of the comment library The comment library

Comments are an invaluable tool to provide personalized feedback when grading assessments. We’ve made the process of leaving comments more efficient and added a library feature to keep your collection of comments organized. Facilitators can now edit comments in bulk and create comments for team use.

Frequently used comments

We’ve updated the design of the comment editor to have a cleaner look. As soon as you click to create a comment, your most frequently used comments will appear in a pop out for easy selection (tip: use the down arrows to select a comment). As you type, the comment suggestion list will filter down to show only those comments that match your text.

Comment library

The comment library is a place to review and edit all comments you have left when grading an assessment (facilitators can see everyone’s comments). The comment library can be accessed through the book icon in the grading toolbar. Identical comments are grouped together as a single comment in the library, allowing you to make changes to all instances of a comment (bulk edit). Below each comment you will see the number of times it’s been used.

Comment sharing for group grading

Facilitators can set up comments in the comment library before grading starts. A comment can be shared with the grading team by turning on its “share with team” toggle. Shared comments will appear in every grader’s comment suggestions.

Screenshot demonstrating comment sharing

See Managing comments in our Help Center for more information.

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