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Introducing the Crowdmark Portfolio for Students

Student view of a course Student view of a course

On August 8, 2018 Crowdmark will release a major new feature for students—the Crowdmark Portfolio. This means students will be required to access all of their Crowdmark assessments in one place by signing in to our secure platform.

What does this mean for instructors?

After you distribute an assigned assessment or return a graded assessment to students, they will receive an email with a link to view the assessment as usual. Students will be required to sign in to view both the assigned assessment and graded assessment links.

The first time a student clicks the link they will be prompted to set a password and claim their account on Crowdmark. The student will need to sign in with those credentials or through the school’s LMS going forward.

Students can continue to access their assessments directly through the email links or simply sign in to their Crowdmark account to view their courses and assessments. Students will only see assigned assessments after they are distributed and administered assessments after grades are returned.

Support for students

What if a student signs up to Crowdmark with the wrong email? Students can merge their accounts by adding the correct email as a secondary address in their Crowdmark account settings. All existing assessments will be merged into a single account.


Facilitator view of Score page Facilitator view of Score page

For Facilitators: the Score and Submission links accessed from the Students page of the assessment Dashboard will now be displayed in a popup window for easier access.

We welcome your comments and feedback on the Crowdmark Portfolio. We remain dedicated to enriching the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.

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