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In Memoriam

Carsten Nielsen

Carsten Kenneth Nielsen
26 September 1984 — 31 May 2019

Carsten Nielsen was a beloved member of the Crowdmark team from 2015 through 2019. In his role as a software developer his passion, talent and enthusiasm for our mission had a big and lasting impact on our team and our company. Everyone on the team loved working with Carsten. He was thoughtful, kind and generous when communicating with others and always willing to take on something new, even the boring tasks.

In his own words, Carsten was obsessed with all things related to software products—from identity and branding, to user experience, to front end development, to back end development, site reliability, and configuration management—his career has always placed him in encompassing roles. In his free time, Carsten enjoyed going on adventures with his wife and daughter, fixing and building things, and riding bikes with Jamie. Carsten was the creator and maintainer of LCBO API.

On May 31, 2019, Carsten passed away following a hard-fought battle against cancer. Throughout this fight we saw him demonstrate remarkable strength, love and resilience as he met every challenge with grace and positivity.

Carsten accomplished a great deal in his short life, including significant contributions to Crowdmark. We miss him dearly and we will honor his legacy by continuing to build a product and a company that would make him proud.

With love,

The Crowdmark Team

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