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Exams Returned Faster with Crowdmark

Physics Instructor Jason Harlow explains how exams can be returned to students faster using Crowdmark.

“Last year, I had a big stack of tests that had to get passed around physically between eight TAs. They had to finish with that stack and then pass it to the next TA. It would take sometimes two weeks to get a mark back to the students.

With Crowdmark, all my TAs were marking simultaneously … The test was on Thursday. Friday was spent scanning it in … Everything was done by Sunday at around 6pm, and by Monday morning the students had not only gotten marked, but they were able to log on and actually look at where they lost marks.”

Harlow explains that the sooner he can return the exams, the more likely it is that his students will remember what they wrote on the exam and be able to apply the feedback they receive.

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