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Ensuring continuity of education with remote grading workflows

At Crowdmark, we’re concerned about how COVID-19 is impacting our community of students and educators. We recognize the immense costs that school closures – even when temporary – carry for communities, ranging from interrupted learning to social isolation.

In order to support our community of educators as well as those institutions that are not currently our customers, we are offering free access to our grading and analytics platform until May 31, 2020.

“Supporting our community of educators during this challenging time is Crowdmark’s top priority.” said Crowdmark CEO Michelle Caers. “Providing free access to our platform will help educators ensure continuity of learning while helping to keep students healthy and safe.”

Crowdmark provides two distance education workflows that can help mitigate the current pressures on our communities by enabling educators to offer assessments to students remotely, easily, and efficiently.

Assigned Assessment Workflow

With our Assigned Assessment Workflow, educators can assign assessments that students can write anywhere, anytime, and submit for evaluation with the click of a button.

If your students are at home, this workflow will allow students to view the assessment questions online and submit their responses within a specific time frame. Students can complete the assessment on paper and take photos using a mobile phone or complete it digitally using Word or Google Docs.

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Remote Proctor Workflow

With our Remote Proctor Workflow, educators can easily manage both make-up and remote examination sessions. The proctor is invited to an exam via email, logs in, downloads and prints the exam. When the exam is completed they scan the exam and upload it to Crowdmark for grading.

This workflow augments an administered assessment, so is most useful for cases where students are writing off-campus in a supervised environment and can print off and scan the assessment. If the assessment includes multiple choice bubble sheets, these will be graded automatically in Crowdmark.

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Crowdmark’s digitization of homework and exams retains the human element of grading through rich feedback functionality while enabling students to complete tests and exams safely at home.

With the Assigned Assessment and Remote Proctor Workflows, you can keep your classes vibrant and healthy while safeguarding the well-being of our communities.

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About Crowdmark

Crowdmark is the world’s premiere online grading and analytics platform, allowing educators to evaluate student assessments more effectively and securely than ever before. On average, educators experience up to a 75% productivity gain, providing students with prompt and formative feedback. This significantly enriches the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.