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Complete Guide to Online Teaching and Grading

We have learned a lot about online education in the past two years. As we continue to offer online and in-person education, we can build on our knowledge of effective teaching and grading methods. To help you succeed with online teaching and learning, we have compiled some of our most popular and informative content on remote teaching.

Teaching online for the first time?

Learn some habits and steps that every beginner should know to feel more comfortable with delivering online courses.

The Next Level of Online Teaching and Grading

Instructors who have been navigating the online space for some time have learned some methods for meeting common challenges. If you are one of those next-level instructors, we have some approaches you may want to add to your repertoire.

Plan your grading and make assessment more manageable with five strategies for easy online assessment grading. Plus, watch these videos to hear how instructors handle TA and grading-team collaboration, assessment of student participation, and academic integrity:

Grading with Teaching Assistants

For those already using Crowdmark, learn how Cindy Fu, Associate Professor and Statistics Director at York University, works with TAs and grading teams using the Crowdmark platform.

Assessing Student Participation

Ensuring Academic Integrity Online

Gain more pivots, pitfalls, and productivity insights from our summary of the panel discussion.

Thoughts and Insights for Instructors who have been Online for Years

If you have been online for a while, you may not be sure what more you can learn. For you, we would like to share some ways to stay energized as you continue to adapt to changing times:

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