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Crowdmark at University of Toronto


Students enrolled at Northwestern University 


minutes per error are saved using Crowdmark

Educator Stories

Learn how institutions use Crowdmark to enhance teaching and learning.

teachers in front of one computer

Crowdmark at University of Lethbridge

The average final grade was approximately 5% higher than in previous terms through regular assessment and feedback.

Instructor giving feedback to a student

Crowdmark at University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s grading team saves 100 minutes per error in Ai’s course with 100 students using Crowdmark.

Students at table discussing exam

Crowdmark at Elmwood High School 

Crowdmark’s tools have improved teachers grading workflows dramatically improving return intervals. 

student with their hand up during class

Crowdmark at University of Saskatchewan

With Crowdmark, grading was more consistent, more feedback was given to students and significant time was saved.

Instructor making notes whilst talking to graders on a zoom call

Crowdmark at Northwestern University

Northwestern reduced grading time by
~40% while increasing grading quality. A
savings of over 650 days in grading time.