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How To – View Multiple Choice Analytics

How To – Create a Course and Enroll Students

How To – Download Course Grades

How To – Create Multiple Choice Questions For Administered Assessments

How To – Update Student IDs in Crowdmark

How To – Add and Update Question Labels, Points, and Bonus Questions in an Administered Assessment

Exam Matcher – How to Match a Student

Exam Matcher – How To Generate Tokens

How To – View Grades and the Performance Report For Students

How Students Submit an Assigned Assessment

How To – Update Section Information

How To – Update Team Members Assigned to an Assessment

How To – Return Grades to Students

How To Resolve a Multiple Choice Question for Administered Assessments

How To – Manually Match a Student or Multiple Students to a Booklet

How To – Add Team Members And Update Their Role

How To – Fix a Matching Mistake For Administered Assessments

How To – Create a Rubric

How To – Set Up Automatic Matching

How To – Show & Hide Comments (Students)

How To – Download Graded Booklets And Assessment Grades

How To – View Your Submission Log (Students)

How To – Update the Due Date, Time, and Lateness Penalty for an Assigned Assessment 

How To – Fix a QR Code Error

How To – Update Students Assigned to an Assessment

How To – Import and Export a Comment Library


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