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Course Accommodations

Certain students requiring accommodations may require extra time to finish assessments. Often these accommodations must be reconfigured for each assessment. Now you can set a date or time modifier for a student just once at the course level, and the extended time will be automatically applied to all future assigned assessments.

Due dates and assessment time windows are adjustable on a per-student basis and will apply to all assigned assessments. 

Important information:

  • You can update course accommodations anytime, but changes won’t affect assessments where grades have already been returned.
  • You can always override a course accommodation by applying the same type of accommodation at the assessment level.

Customizing the due date or time to complete all assigned assessments

  1. Navigate to the Course students page.
  2. Find a student by using the search bar or by locating them in the student list, and select the three-dot menu that appears at the end of each row to access the student menu.
  3. Choose Accommodations from the menu.
  4. A panel will appear containing course accommodation settings for the student.
  5. You can modify all due dates or all time limits for a student. Click the checkbox beside the accommodation you wish to set. Accommodations can be switched on or off anytime by clicking on the checkbox and then clicking Save at the bottom of the panel.
  6. Select modify all due dates if you want to extend the deadline for the student to submit and still be considered on time. This setting will apply an extension for all assigned assessments. Select the number of days, hours, or minutes for the extension.
  7. Select modify all time limits if you want to extend the timer for a student in all timed assessments. Note, this option will only apply for timed assigned assessments. The time adjustments dropdown offers various ways to modify the time.
      • Multiply time limit: Grant the student a multiplier of the original assessment time (e.g., 1.5 times) If a multiplier leads to a remainder in seconds, Crowdmark will round up to the nearest minute.
      • Extra time: Grant the student a set amount of extra time (in minutes).
      • Until the due date: Extend the timer until the due date for the assessment.
  8. Once your changes have been made, click Save. You will see the modified settings appear for individual students in the student list for the assessment.

Confirming when course accommodation is applied

To find out whether an accommodation is applied at the course or assessment level, look for a blue dot next to the accommodation in the assessment Students table.

If a course accommodation is in effect for a student, you’ll see a notification in the assessment accommodations panel. You can always override a course accommodation by applying the same type of accommodation at the assessment level.

What students see

If a student has either a course or assessment accommodation, they will see the revised due date and/or time when they open the assessment.

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