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  • Feb

    Educause Webinar: How to Switch Between Online and In-Person Grading

    In 2014, Northwestern University began looking for a software solution to streamline its grading process. In Crowdmark, the university found a solution that not only increased grading speed, but also allowed instructors to give richer feedback while ensuring grading consistency. Crowdmark is now used by faculty throughout the institution, including in the Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Psychology Departments. As the pandemic lingers, Northwestern has been able to move seamlessly between in-person and online assessments, even for large-scale classes and handwritten work. Join faculty presenters as they discuss how Northwestern University adopted and rolled out Crowdmark. Learn how the Teaching & Learning Technologies department supports instructors and how grading has improved since implementation of Crowdmark.

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  • Jun


    Crowdmark is a grading and assessment solution that enables educators to grade paper-based and digital exams and assignments 3X faster than traditional workflows. Instructors can give richer, more formative feedback by leaving comments, annotations, links and points directly on the student answer. This supports students’ understanding of errors while reducing regrade requests. Join us as we walk through the essential features of the Crowdmark system.

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  • Jul

    Crowdmark Webinar: Teaching for Success Panel - Beyond 2021

    The pandemic presented unexpected challenges and opportunities in teaching. This historic period found many educators developing online teaching skills and thinking about pedagogy differently. As we transition into a new era of education, instructors are pondering how this online-only experience can contribute to a strategy for enhancing teaching and learning in the post-pandemic world.

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  • Aug

    Crowdmark Webinar: Remote Teaching - Pivots, Pitfalls, Productivity

    Crowdmark founder, James Colliander, moderated a discussion featuring an elite panel of educators. Panelists shared how they managed abruptly shifting to online assessment during the pandemic, and how Crowdmark helped in the transition. Excellent insights were shared on topics including security and cheating, grading participation, time management and keeping your sanity while teaching remotely.

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