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Screenshot showing a graded text response with highlighted text and an inline comment.

Text response and pedagogy: How to make Crowdmark’s newest feature work for you

Crowdmark’s new Text Response question type has opened the door for a wide range of responses that were previously limited to PDF uploads. The ability to type text formatted with Markdown and LaTeX directly into the Crowdmark interface is an incredible time saver for students. It also allows instructors to grade directly in the text as you might in a live document.

The biggest win in text responses may be limitless versatility. Students can now attach almost any file type to their answers including spreadsheets, Word documents and slide presentations; as well as links to externally-hosted files such as video or code notebooks. Click here to learn how to add a text response question to your assessment.

Below are examples of how text responses can be useful in some of the more common subjects amongst Crowdmark users, as well as some subjects that may surprise you!

Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and Economics

Have students type responses in Crowdmark directly, using LaTeX formatting to include equations and images, as well as links to data spreadsheets.


Students can submit case studies complete with attachments for slide decks, excel spreadsheets, graphs and diagrams or links to video presentations.

Arts and Humanities

Research papers or essay-format exams can be copy-and-pasted or typed directly into the text interface. Students can attach research materials and other resources as files or links.

Chemistry and Biology

Lab experiments can be completed in Crowdmark, with students attaching results, embedding images and diagrams, and using LaTeX for chemical notation and equations.

Graphic Design

Ask your students to complete a design abstract, with inspiration images embedded.


Students can self-record scene studies, and submit a brief or summary with their linked performance and script attached.

Computer Science

Have students use Markdown and LaTeX formatting to complete a creative entry directly in the text interface.

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