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Crowdmark insights

The Crowdmark platform transforms traditional assessment into an enriched dialogue between students and instructional teams. In 2016, Crowdmark will deploy new features that will help universities advance further on their teaching, learning and research mission. Independent research already validates the benefits of online collaborative grading. With input from students, professors and administrators using our platform, Crowdmark continuously improves. I’d like to share some highlights of what you can expect from Crowdmark over the coming months.

Academic integrity

Crowdmark promotes academic integrity. Our searchable archive of images of student work, together with the associated feedback and scores, streamlines the review of grading. Our new Exam Matcher App powers new methods to combat cheating and to detect imposters masquerading as students in exams. With systems that promote sharing of assessment data among stakeholders, Crowdmark helps universities encourage honesty, transparency and integrity within all academic programs.

Insights into teaching and learning performance

Crowdmark is based on the principle that a university should own and control its assessment data. Work created by students, evaluations and feedback generated by grading teams, and the exam questions authored by professors should not be owned by a private company. Crowdmark captures the enriched dialogue between students and instructors and generates a university-owned data stream brimming with insight potential. We’ve built tools to manage and visualize this data. We will soon deploy an open analytics API, designed to empower universities to research their teaching and learning data and continuously monitor program performance against accreditation criteria.

A universal assessment platform

The Crowdmark platform supports efficient distribution, collection and online collaborative grading of digital and paper-based student works. Online homework, in-class quizzes, group projects, lab reports, midterm, final and two-stage exams can all be graded on Crowdmark. With encouragement from our customers, Crowdmark will become more flexible with support for assessments with variable page length and enriched evaluations with multidimensional rubrics.

Crowdmark is built by educators for educators and their students. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for how to make our platform work better for you.

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