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Case Study: Grading Paper Exams in Large Classes

student with their hand up during class

**Northwestern University is a research university housing 12 schools and colleges, 21,000 students, and 3,000+ faculty members. They use Crowdmark for collaborative grading, standardizing feedback commenting and bulk editing of point values.** Northwestern University Ensuring that grading is efficient, consistent, and high quality is a struggle faced by many educational institutions. Northwestern University was no […]

Evolving In-Person Learning Environments

In-person education is the traditional form of teaching, and it continues to be a mainstay in education today because it gives students the opportunity to form friendships, make connections, get involved in the school, and enjoy unique experiences (i.e. university campus life). Moreover, many prefer the in-person connections that can form between educators and their […]

3 Distance Learning Successes from the Pandemic

image of student looking in the distance

Distance learning on its own is not a challenge. However, with students going completely remote, a global pandemic, and no precedence for this fully remote teaching and learning style to guide instructors, it is normal to experience frustration or anxiety. However, some teachers and students manage to stay afloat and do quite well despite distance […]

8 tips for designing short answer questions

image of woman at desk designing short answer questions

Previously, we discussed how to design effective multiple choice questions. In that article, we covered ten ways to create multiple choice questions and debated multiple choice questions vs. short answer questions. While both formats have their merits, short answer questions can give instructors a better look at their students’ understanding of the material. Short answer questions […]

Do Open Book Tests Deserve a Comeback?

picture of a student about to do a test

The open book exam, while well-seasoned, is not the most popular method of assessment in modern education. However, with many students enrolled in online learning, does open book testing serve a better or more functional purpose as we advance our testing methods? In this article, we’ll examine the various pros and cons of considering open book […]

SWOT: An in-depth look at the pros and cons of distance learning

educator assessing an assessment online

Distance learning has always been subject to some level of scrutiny. Even now that tens of millions of students worldwide have had to learn virtually due to the pandemic, the majority of people may still be skeptical or critical of virtual classes and virtual learning. However, like all forms of education, online learning can be […]

ABET vs. CEAB accreditation

This article was updated on March 15, 2021. Accreditation signifies that programs have undergone a process of peer-review and were determined to meet or exceed the established benchmark of quality. While the process is voluntary, ABET and CEAB accreditation is necessary for engineering and technology programs across Canada and the United States to remain competitive, […]

Why Crowdmark is the Best Grading Solution

image of woman at desk designing short answer questions

This article was updated on March 5, 2021. The Crowdmark platform transforms traditional assessment into an enriched dialogue between students and instructional teams. To further enhance distance learning success, Crowdmark consistently deploys new features to help learning institutions advance their teaching, learning, and research mission further. Independent research already validates the benefits of online collaborative grading. With input […]

Grading activity timing in Crowdmark

Crowdmark provides real-time insight into grading activity. Real-time means that at all times, the data displayed in the assessment dashboard is current. We track a velocity (evaluations per hour) metric related to questions as a whole and also for each grader within a particular assessment. How it Works In order to support real time analytics, […]